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35 years of interior plant installations throughout Southern California

About Us


Brighten your day and let LA Office Plants help you remove toxins from your office. Create a refuge from everyday office stresses by having indoor plants! We specialize in providing interior plants and maintenance for Los Angeles and Orange County businesses. With 35 years experience, we have learned what is necessary to maintain various plant species. We offer a wide variety of foliage and flowering plants and hundreds of types of planters to complement interior plantings.

We know that live plants not only provide an aesthetic to the interior ambiance but they literally filter the air of toxic pollutants and add necessary humidity. Modern interior environments are composed of floor coverings, furniture and wall coverings that can and often do emit formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds. These are emitted from paints, cleaning supplies, building materials and office equipment. Plants add oxygen, besides removing carbon dioxide and also removing formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds. These facts are supported by NASA studies and Washington State University.

Several studies have also shown that office plants boost productivity by as much as 10% to 15%. We have first hand knowledge of the importance shown by people, to their office plants. It is not hard to understand that someone in an office or cubicle for 8 hours a day, would become quite attached to a living plant, and show great concern if it is not doing well. Our technicians have many stories from our clients who express positive feelings towards the plants around them and in these linear, steel, glass and concrete buildings, a living plant is a very necessary and positive addition to the environment.

So…call us! It is a free visit, for us to evaluate the condition of your office plants, and suggest other appropriate areas for plants with suitable containers. We have done thousands of installations and currently have hundreds of weekly clients. We know what works, and have many references from happy customers. Some of our current customers are Direct TV, The Writers Guild West, Epson, Chevron, Westfield, Morgan Stanley, and hundreds more.